Lilliam Cuenca Artist Statement


After leaving Cuba for Caracas, Venezuela where she lived and worked mainly on drawing and intaglio printmaking, artist Lilliam Cuenca moves to the United States in 1986. 

Soon after arriving in the US, she is invited to show in Recent Development of Latin American Drawing at the Art Institute of Chicago and enter the Art Center of South Florida, a regional cultural institution where she receives a grant as a residential artist and where she starts to work as a full time painter.

In 1990 she is awarded the Cintas Foundation Fellowship. Today she is an artist exhibiting nationally and internationally, her work is recognized by museums, collectors and galleries.

Lilliam Cuenca studied at the Academia de San Alejandro and the Taller Experimental de Grafica in Havana, Cuba.  She has had solo and group exhibitions in Latin America, Europe, Japan and the United States.  Her work is in private and public collections such as the Contemporary Art and Culture Center of Osaka, Japan, The Museum of Contemporary Art of North Miami, FL and the Lowe Art Museum in Miami, FL among other institutions.