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4 available artworks
  • Connie LLoveras - Head with letters, Vessel and Seeds
    Connie Lloveras - Head with letters, Vessel and Seeds, Mixed Media on paper, 39
  • Connie Lloveras - Bird Cluster
    Connie Lloveras - Bird Cluster, Mixed Media on canvas, 48
  • Connie Lloveras - Rostros y Semillas
    Connie Lloveras  - Rostros y Semillas,  Mixed Media on canvas, 36
  • Connie Lloveras - Pod with Tree and Three Eggs
    Connie Lloveras - Pod with Tree and Three Eggs, Mixed Media on paper, 30

We are extremely proud to have a selection of Connie Lloveras' work. One of the 10 best latin american artists....a discovery....

Connie Lloveras was born in Cuba and resides in Miami. She received her BFA degree from FIU. Monographic exhibitions of her work in galleries in Chicago, Cambridge, Puerto Rico and Nicaragua. Her works are included in the Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, the Museum of Art in Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton. She has completed public art commission in Miami-Dade County and a federal building in Dallas, Texas.

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