Connie Lloveras Artist Statement

My new work is a compilation of mere observations of our world and what surrounds us on a daily basis.  Be it nature, architecture or images on a television screen, the human being encounters an enormous amount of visual imagery that makes up our world.  I have taken the imagery, borrowed lines, shapes, forms, and color, stripped them of their literal references and used these to create compositions.

Although the shapes are still at times rather recognizable or familiar they are kept abstract enough to spark a viewers imagination in reference to these elements, evoking thought and reflection, dependent on the viewers own point of view or associations.

Human figures, birds and boats are often placed amidst a series of unrelated images of structures, landscapes, and familiar objects as to jar the spectator’s imagination in relation to these forms.  Abstract concepts such as birth and renewal become as palpable as seeds and eggs.  Boats allude to journeys, silhouettes become cups or recipients, and nests become traveling vessels. By placing these forms, stripped of their literal references, within the same composition, the viewer is forced to use their own thought process to complete these renderings.

My work juxtaposes natural organic elements in nature with more rigid structural forms. Tables, pots, and ladders are placed amidst trees, seeds and leaves. The work sets up a stark contrast between nature and constructed and man-made objects.  It draws inspiration from establishing the similarities and differences that exist between them.

My most recent work explores the idea of communication and lack thereof in a world where instant messaging has replaced dialogue.  I use birds that resemble messaging pigeons filled with letters that don’t spell anything, as though insinuating messages yet to be written. These birds often appear in conjunction with circles.  The circle is a universal symbol with numerous and extensive meanings.  It represents wholeness, the infinite, totality, the Self, eternity, and timelessness.  It implies cyclical movement and symbolizes the cycle of time and makes reference to the rhythm of the universe.

My work often speaks of the spiritual longing that I believe to be a universal and central part of human existence.  They depict man’s struggle to understand this universe and his or her own place in its vastness.  Through the use of random forms and images, I make reference to universal themes that inspire self-reflection on the part of the viewer.

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