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Danay Vigoa Art Statement

My work explores the interpretation of the world through words and writing. I´m interested in establishing a link between knowledge of the world, acquired through direct experiences and the knowledge learned through language itself. Not only the concept behind the words but also the visual aspect of them are key elements to me. This is why letterpress and typography are always present in my creative processes. The visual outcome of my work is also a questioning of the way in which society teaches and sets up pre-established visual schemes, restricting individual creativity from an early age. For me, the creative process starts from stimuli that I receive in my daily life: sounds, phrases, images, and other things capable of awakening memories or new associations. I constantly carry out an exercise of translating the world to its linguistic expression. I see things and my mind automatically turns them into texts. At that precise moment is when the work begins.

"The reading of the world precedes the reading of the word and the reading of the word implies the continuity of the reading of the world".

-Paul Freire



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