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    Baruj Salinas - Sepia & Black Composition,  Acrylic on Paper,  14

Baruj Salinas Art statement

In that sense Baruj uses color and all its intense chromatism as a channel or filter (in the manner of alchemists) to distill a world of a romantic nature, but of a romanticism closer to Turner than to Corot. That which Novalis called "the adoration of chaos" was based in his belief that "the more impenetrable was the chaos, so much more splendid was the star that would come out of it".

After seeing the storm scenes of Turner, where color invades all, I can think that Baruj has found in the cosmic explosions of his colors the original chaos that allows the recovery of, as Jose Kozer tells us, “a fundamental harmony”.

Carlos M. Luis

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Baruj Salinas Biography

Baruj Salinas was born in Havana, Cuba. He received a degree in architecture from Kent State University in Ohio.
After his exile from Cuba in 1959, he moved to Miami.
In 1974 he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he worked closely with painters of the stature of Joan Miró and Antoní Tapies.
His work can be seen in several important museums and collections in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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