Ana Albertina Delgado Artist Statement

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The artist Ana Albertina Delgado was born in Havana Cuba in 1963, she lives and produces her art in South Florida since 1993,.

Ana Albertina began her studies of arts in 1979 at San Alejandro National School of Fine Arts in Havana, the oldest high school of fine arts in Cuba. In 1983 she graduated in Arts and entered the university-level Higher Institute of Arts. By 1988 Ana had obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major. In 1991 she graduated in silkscreen techniques at Rene Portocarrero silkscreen workshop.

Beginning in 1986 Ana Albertina founded the arts group known as Pure together with four others artists. Pure was contributions to the Cuban esthetic to incorporated popular and social themes into the work of art. The especial accent of Ana’s work is focus on the feminine to observe the borders between feminine or masculine criteria about our sensuality.

Ana has also participated in several collective exhibitions of her generation, known in Cuba as the Generation of the Eighties. This took place in Cuba, Latin America, United States and Europe. In eighties Ana has had solo-shows, in Cuba, Mexico and United States.