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Kenia Arguiñao is a new talent in the Cuban Art Scene. We are proud to have a selection of her recent work. 

Kenia Arguiñao Artist Statement

Throughout the work process I have tried to build a personal language collecting my own dreams. For the past nine years I have mapped my dreams to reveal journeys. Archiving these dreams is part of the process in creating my work, which consists on archiving the dreams I remember and write them in a journal, and if I remember nothing I will write the date as a forgotten dream. Then I have an archive of the days I dream and of those I forget. This work has become a visual representation of my cycle of life. 

Kenia Arguiñao Bio

Kenia Arguiñao Vega was born in Cuba 1983

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Art, Havana, 2011. Her works have been exhibited at Frost Art Museum (FIU), Coral Gables Museum and the Perez Art Museum of Miami (PAMM), Art Basel Miami Fair 2015, USA, at the Centre for Development of Visual Arts, Gallery Havana, Pavilion Cuba, Higher Institute of Art, Havana, Cuba; Havana Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland, Nina Menocal Gallery, Mexico DF, Contemporary Art Fair Art position 11 Bern, Switzerland, She has participated in important national events like the Salon of Contemporary Cuban Art, Hall of Havana and collateral exposures, X and XI Biennial of Havana. She earned the Residence Gilbert Brownstone Foundation, 2012, Paris, France and Vermont Studio Center, 2018, Vermont, USA. Her works is in the collection of the Perez Art Museum of Miami (PAMM) and in private collections in Switzerland, United States and México.

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