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5 available artworks
  • Consuelo Castañeda - Pinocchio color blue 2019
    Consuelo Castañeda Pinocchio color blue
  • Consuelo Castañeda - Pinocchio Color Magenta 22" x 23.5"
  • Consuelo Castañeda - Pinocchio Color Magenta 44" x 44"
  • Consuelo Cateñeda - Finding the Self 3 (Mickey)
    Consuelo Castañeda - Finding the Self ( Mickey) a beautiful Serigraphy with fluorecent ink 27.5
  • Consuelo Castañeda - Pinocchio Color blue - 22" x 23.5"

Consuelo Castañeda Artist Statement

Consuelo Castañeda (Havana, Cuba, 1958) is a multi-disciplinary artist
based in Miami. She emerged in the Cuban avant-garde of the 1980s, helping catapult their cultural production onto the international stage and shifting the popular understanding of the relationship between art and politics in Cuba and in wider Latin America. As professor at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, she was a pivotal figure in Cuba until her emigration to Mexico, and then Miami, in the 1990s.

Article from The Farber collection:

Consuelo Castañeda is Described by Joseph Kosuth as a post-postmodern artist, Consuelo Castañeda undoubtedly left her mark on the Cuban art of the 1980s, the so-called “prodigious decade.” Castañeda is gifted with a highly analytical mind, which she put to use in her artistic works during this decade...

...Trained as a painter, Castañeda adopted a distant, almost anti-photographic attitude. She discarded the expressive resources of chiaroscuro, the halftones, the relationship between figure and background—considered indispensable and sacrosanct to the craft of photography—and instead used an objectivist approach akin to the contemporary German photography....

—Abelardo Mena Chicuri 

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